Vertu Honda: "The poster site is helping to nudge customers into our showroom for a test drive; there are many distractions when deciding to switch Brands so it is important we are always in a location such as this to reinforce all our direct sales and word of mouth marketing. The ong-term annual contract allows us to showcase the latest models with the flexibility of frequent changes of design and pre qualify our target audience before they start the buying process. We are finding 48 sheets are very effective and combined with the TV advertising it can have a compounding effect on our overall media budget investment to ensure we reach people at and out of home. 
Ultimate Windows: "It is a very competitive industry so qualified lead generation is vital for our business. Due to increasing footfall we have decided to extend our contract"
Rubber Duck Bathrooms: "It certainly adds stature to our brand ensuring we meet the expectations of potential customers. We feel this is an excellent way to generate new customers and create top of mind awareness when people are in the market to buy"
Cherry Hill Garden and Landscape Centre: "The recent multi - site booking we did in the build up to Christmas proved to be very effective. A permanent roadside visibility allowed us to have backbone for the entire media budget"
Ramside Hall Hotel, Golf & Spa: "The opportunity of taking the baggage carousel has proven to be of excellent value in bringing in new customers and making them aware of them aware of the many facilities we have"
Stephen Billau & Sons: "The billbourd advertising seems to be bringing in new customers and reaching a wider audience. The poster has allowed us to create immediate brand awareness. This was the first time we tried billbourd advertising and so far pleased with the results".                                      
This is Just a selection of testimonials from many satisfied customers . Names and contact details can be provided upon request...